An Exciting Breakthrough in Visual Performance!
For some time Home Theater Personal Computers (HTPC) have been producing some of the best quality home theater pictures around. The problem is, they are difficult to use and are sometimes unreliable. Well, now that has changed with the introduction of the Movi. A truly incredible breakthough in DVD watching pleasure. With the latest Radeon technology, you will see pictures like never before on your high definition display.
  • The information is extracted from the DVD and scaled immediately, unlike other methods that must convert video to NTSC and then to digital and then back to analog
  • Solid steel chassis for ultimate vibration resistance
  • Creates an image that rivals film
  • True 75 Ohm recessed Canare BNC's for Red, Green, Blue, and Horizontal and Vertical Syncs
  • Wireless Infrared remote with positionable receiving eye
  • Coax Digital output via True 75 Ohm recessed Canare RCA.
  • Simple design for ease of use

What is Pure Digital Processing TM?

Put simply, the data stored on a DVD is never converted to analog until the output. All current doubling, quadrupling, and scaling technologies convert the video picture information to NTSC (Never Twice Same Color,) then convert that signal to digital and then de-interlace and scale. The Movi M2000 never converts anything to NTSC. The video picture information is digitally extracted from the DVD and scaled to the selected Hi Definition TV resolution.

The result is the highest possible picture quality. In addition, advanced audio processing completes the movie viewing experience with incredible realism. Things seem to pop from the screen. Color accuracy is unmatched in anything like it.

  • True Black Blacks
  • Aspect Ratio Control
  • Brightness - Contrast - Hue - Saturation - Gamma Controls
  • Film Like Image Quality
  • On Screen Display
Fully upgradeable anti-vibration chassis outfitted with the highest quality components available. With names like TheaterTek, Radeon, mAudio, Intel, & Canare, you know no shortcuts have been taken. Software upgrades available via CD-Rom or Downloadable image. This may be the last DVD player you ever buy.